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Arge HeLep: English Abstract
Callimorpha dominula (Arctiidae)
Arge HeLep

(Arbeitsgemeinschaft Hessischer Lepidopterologen —
Study Group of Hessian Lepidopterologists)

This study group is a volunteer cooperation (by amateur as well as professional entomologists) on the moth and butterfly fauna of the federal state of Hesse, Germany, supported by the “International Entomological Society” (Internationaler Entomologischer Verein, I.E.V.) and with close relationships to Entomologischer Verein Apollo, Frankfurt am Main.

The present homepage serves for internal and external communication and to easily facilitate cooperation between people interested in Hessian Lepidoptera (and, of course, also outside Hesse). The activities of the Arge HeLep are focused on the German fauna. The text is, therefore, in German language only. A few short notes and abstracts of the contents in English language are provided here (in the 2nd edition [starting 1999] of these pages) for non-German visitors of this website. The website is, however, not fully bi-lingual.

The work of the Arge HeLep comprises the following fields (nearly all pages are available in German language only; click on the buttons (at the right) to reach the main sub-pages and on the highlighted words to reach the lower sub-pages or external links):
  • There are regular monthly meetings during wintertime in the Senckenberg-Museum in Frankfurt am Main. It is hoped that there will be group excursions to poorly studied areas of Hesse during summer (with faunistic data collecting both for moths and butterflies). — The board of Arge HeLep consists of four equal speakers
To the schedule of the meetings and possible excursions
  • The Arge HeLep is one of the members of the FLAGH (Faunistische Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Hessen, the head organization of the faunistic study groups of the federal state of Hesse). This FLAGH organized the recent negotiations between the different Hessian faunistic study groups and the district authorities (Regierungspräsidien) who are responsible for the permits to collect protected species. All collaborators of the Arge HeLep are bound to the “codex of honour” of the FLAGH for their faunistic study and use only a fixed number of methods
  • The FLAGH has a separate homepage now under its own name (since early 2000).
To the pages on the FLAGH
  • The Arge HeLep corresponds with its collaborators by circulars sent out to all interested entomologists listed in the internal mailing list. In addition, there are annual reports for the district authorities to verify our work for the permits. 
To the circulars and annual reports
  • The collaborators of Arge HeLep provide the data necessary to produce “Red Data Lists” for the State of Hesse. Such Red Lists are authored by members of Arge HeLep and edited by the State Government. 
To the Red Data Lists
  • Within the Senckenberg-Museum, a State Collection of Hessian Lepidoptera is presently being collated. 
    • A list of the families already dealt with see here

To the Hessian Collection of Lepidoptera
  • Further activities of Arge HeLep comprise:
    • in preparation

To the Other Activities of Arge HeLep
To the Founder of Arge HeLep, P. M. Kristal
  • Links to other websites (both German and international ones) on Lepidoptera, on entomology, on entomological museums and on other interesting subjects are provided. See especially also the external link to “Wolfgang’s Links” within the Saturnia website. 
  • Further links concerning nature conservancy problems in the area of Frankfurt am Main can be found on the homepage and on the links page of that website (in German language only).
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